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PregameActions – A cEDH YouTube Channel

“Where Adventure Begins…”

The Candlekeep tagline seemed like nothing more than a clever idea at it’s conception, and yet over the past two years that the shop has now been open, I have come to realise that for many members of our community, that motto rings true.

One such member, Owen, began his adventure into Magic the Gathering at Candlekeep, Over the past 18 or so months he has gone from a draft newbie, to one of the people I turn to when I am looking for advice on my own Commander decks. His knowledge of the current competitive meta, coupled with an exceptional poker face make him both a formidable opponent at the table, and a great friend when he’s away from it, and that’s why it gives me great pleasure to present to you his latest adventure; PregameActions.

PregameActions is dedicated to powerful, competitive and proxy-friendly Commander, that shows off the insane interactions between good cards and great friends. I got to be a part of the first episode with my Ukkima/Cazur Food Chain deck, and you can check out the first chapter of this new adventure above. Don’t forget to click subscribe if you enjoy it!

And on that note, if we’re all good… Any pregame actions?

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Design The Candlekeep Space Marine Chapter

Games Workshop is officially BACK at Candlekeep, and to celebrate, we’re having a painting competition!

To take part, all you need is a single Space Marine figure, some paints and brushes and whole lot of imagination. Whoever wins will have their colour scheme etched into the annals of history, and their paint scheme will become the official Candlekeep Custodians colours!

The Categories

There are two categories that each model will be entered into.

Category 1: Best Paint Scheme for the Candlekeep Custodians.

This category will be judged by myself (Ian). I will be looking for the model that I feel represents the colours and aesthetic of Candlekeep the best. For this category, please make a note of any important colours used, and their placement.

Category 2: Best Painted Model

This category will be judged purely on the execution of the paint scheme itself, and not necessarily the choice of colours used (although you should still aim to be creating a unique scheme for the chapter). Think of this category as the “Golden Demon” or “Crystal Brush” of Candlekeep, so show us those creamy blends and unique bases! Entries in this category will be judged by guest judge Marcus from Warhammer Store, Peterborough.

The Rules

  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. Each entry must consist of a single, official Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Miniature. Which era or type of miniature you choose is entirely up to you, but no one gets any extra brownie points for painting a HQ! When selecting your miniature, make sure the pose is able to accurately represent the scheme you design in the best possible light.
  3. Entries will be judged by photograph. Each entry can consist of up to THREE photographs maximum. Take your time at this point to make sure you show your model to its maximum potential.
  4. If you submit an entry, and wish to submit new photographs, or a different miniature entirely, this will be allowed up to the closing date of the competition. Rule number 1 still applies.
  5. All entries should be submitted via email to Please include your full name and a preferred method of contact in the event you win in your email.
  6. Closing date for entries is Thursday, 18th March 23:59pm.
  7. Both judges will pick a winner. In the event that both judges select the same miniature, a runner up will be chosen from the “Best Painted Model” category to receive the second prize.
  8. Judges decisions are final.

Need some help?

Take a look at this link if you need some help visualising your design! And don’t forget, you can always drop by the Candlekeep Discord if you want more helpful hints and tips from our amazing online community!

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Livestream Paint-along! 17th Feb 3pm – 11pm

Candlekeep has become a Games Workshop retailer once more, and to celebrate you can join me tomorrow afternoon from 3pm until 11pm as I dust off my paint brushes and indulge in a massive 8 hour painting session… live on

Pop along and get tips and tricks to improve your painting, or if you are a member of the Candlekeep Discord, why not set a camera up, grab some brushes and join me live on air to show off your latest projects!

On top of that, I’ll also be launching a very special painting competition. Full details will come during the stream!

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Card of the Week – Beckon Apparition

Let’s set the scene. Food Chain was on the stack. Counterspell has stopped it, and now, its in the grave. Suddenly, Eternal Witness is cast….

Card of the Week - Beckon Apparition
One Mana, two payoffs.

Strong decks protect their key pieces, and having ways to get them out of the game for good is extremely useful in locking them down. Having that kind of interaction available for one mana at instant speed is incredibly useful, meaning you’re ready to lock out that combo with one land in play. Beckon Apparition is an amazing common that provides even more utility in aristocrat style decks, by leaving behind a 1/1 spirit token for chump blocking, or even sacrifice.