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Mystery Dungeons & Darkrais – A Pokémon D&D 5e Podcast

Episode 19! Click here to listen!

For our first ever in-person session, Chuck and Felix arrive in Acacia Town for a stay at Dr Hammond’s museum. After learning about the history of the Yumé region and the Prophetic Desert, and some galavanting around the town, our heroes are whisked off to the local dig site where an exciting discovery has been made…—Welcome-to–Acacia-Town-er7j3u

Mystery Dungeons and Darkrais is an actual-play Pokémon D&D 5e podcast following two young trainers, Chuck and Felix, on their journey through the Yumé Region – a sister to the Sinnoh Region. Listen as their story unfolds in this original dice-throwing adventure. New episodes every other Tuesday – hit follow to stay tuned!

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