Candlekeep Events

Candlekeep hosts a variety of events every week, from casual board gaming nights, to tournament style Magic the Gathering. Most of our events are posted over on the Candlekeep Ramsey Facebook page, but you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on right here!

Wednesday Game Night

Time : Every Wednesday, 6pm until 10pm
Admission : £2

Wednesday Game Night is the perfect night for those who like to socialise and enjoy a wide variety of board games. Bring along your favourites or come and pick from the wide selection in store.

Magic the Gathering Commander Night

Time : Every Thursday, 6pm until 10pm
Admission : £5, includes a participation booster pack

Pit your favourite commander decks against others every Thursday at Candlekeep. Commander Night is our weekly, casual and beginner friendly evening. Don’t have a suitable deck? There are several in store available to use for the evening, as well as plenty of players on hand who are happy to offer advice on deck construction.

Friday Night Magic

Time : Every Friday, 6pm until tournament ends
Admission : £5, includes a participation booster pack

Friday Night Magic is an opportunity for those who enjoy a more competitive magic experience to come along and show off your powerful decks… and maybe win some prizes along the way! The tournament format can vary from week to week, so keep an eye on the monthly event pages or in store for more information