Commander Gauntlet Rules

General Rules

Commander Gauntlet is designed as a friendly, casual, yet still mildly competitive Commander format that aims to encourage players to play to the “social contract” of Commander games.

Each event will consist of 3 rounds, each lasting one hour. During the round, players will accrue points for various actions, such as commander damage eliminations, or saving another player from being eliminated.

Infinite combos are banned in Commander Gauntlet. An infinite combo is described as any action, or series of actions, that can be repeated 3 or more times without a forseeable end.

Elimination Points

Eliminate a player before turn 5 1 point
Eliminate a player through normal damage, milling or poison after turn 4 2 points
Eliminate a player through Commander Damage 3 points

Additional Points

These points can only be awarded once per round.

Control any combination of 3 non-commander legendaries and/or planeswalkers at any one time 1 point
Hard-cast your commander from the command zone 3 times in a game (Derevi’s ability or any commanders paid for with an “alternate cost” do not count.) 1 point
Deal 21 Commander damage in a single hit 1 point
Deal 3 combat damage with the same 1 power creature in one game (Pumping the creature’s power does not count) 1 point
Control 5 non-token creatures with the same creature type at the same time 1 point
Have 3 or more equipment, aura, or mutate cards attached to one creature at the same time 1 point
Destroy, exile or bounce 5 permanants at the same time (Combat damage does not count) 2 points
Use an opponents card (Copy effects do not count) 2 points
Successfully ultimate 2 planeswalkers in a single game 3 points
Eliminate the player with the highest points total in the pod (cannot be scored on round 1) 2 points
Save an opponent from losing the game 2 points
Complete the game without searching your library for any card except basic lands 2 points
Have a life total of over 100 at any point during the game 1 point

Seasonal Objectives – Zendikar Rising

Control a full party (Control a Cleric, Rogue, Warrior and Wizard at the same time) 1 point
Trigger the same landfall ability 3 times in one turn (Landfall trigger must come from the same creature/enchantment) 1 point
Pay a Kicker cost 3 times in one game 1 point
Complete all 3 Seasonal Objectives in one game 1 point