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just_a_couple_of_gamers – Magic the Gathering Mono Blue Commander


Live from 19:30 GMT on Tuesday 20th July its Commander brought to you just_a_couple_of_gamers. Watch over at

Last week the mono White stream saw Gods face-off against Humans. Their divine will, along with the Walking on Sunshine combo was enough to claim game 1 for them. But the Humans fought back in game 2, with Odric claiming Victory. This week we leave peace and order and move into logic and knowledge. With this in mind who will shape their own destiny and claim victory?


Lester will be hoping his winning streak continues as he pilots Urza, Lord High Artificer. This powerhouse of a commander is all about artifacts, but will he be allowed to resolve?
Deck list:
Twitter: @OobleboyOG

Rob will be piloting Naru Meha, Master Wizard. Will it be wizard tribal or will be be looking to take advantage of the etb ablity. Extra Extra turns anyone?
Deck list:

Matt will be piloting Orvar, the All-Form. Making up for Commander being a singleton format Matt will be looking to copy is own creatures. Will he just value his way to victory?
Deck list:
Twitter: @mattalextaylor

Kar-Fai will be piloting Talrand, Sky Summoner. It wouldn’t be a Blue night without an Instant and Sorcery tribal deck at the table. Can Kar-Fai counter his way to victory and amass an army of drakes to control the skies?
Deck list:

Will it be the classical Blue commanders Urza and Talrand that win? Or will it be the new upstart commanders Naru and Orvar controlling their destiny?


Every commander night we run a giveaway for a strixhaven draft booster. This is a free to entry raffle, with the draw happening at the end of the stream. For every 5 minutes you watch the stream you will earn 10 cogs and 25 cogs buys you a raffle ticket. Shipping is restricted to the UK only.

  • Commander Urza, Lord High Artificer - MH1
  • Commander Naru-Meha-Master-Wizard-C21
  • Commander Orvar-the-All-Form-KHM
  • Commander Orvar-the-All-Form-C21