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just_a_couple_of_gamers – Magic the Gathering mono Red Commander

JACOG mono Red Commander

Live from 19:30 GMT on Tuesday 3rd August its mono Red Commander brought to you by just_a_couple_of_gamers. Watch over at

Last week the mono Black stream was one of the most balanced to date. Liam’s mischief claimed game 1, while Lester drained us to death in game 2. In game 3 Chris was finally able to control the board and eliminate our hands. But over the evening they were all claimed by Phyrexia. This week we move into impulse and adventure. Whatever chaos is unleashed the only thing that is guaranteed is that it will be an enjoyable game.


Lester will be piloting Purphoros, God of the Forge. He will be hoping to put a myriad of creatures into play to knock the rest of us out.
Deck List:
Twitter: @OobleboyOG

Ross will be piloting Zada, Hedron Grinder. Looking to out value my opponents by copying my spells as many times as possible.
Deck List:
Twitter: @Mr0Flibble

Ian will be piloting Norin the Wary. He will be looking to take advantage of Norin repeatedly entering and leaving the battlefield.
Deck List:
Twitter: @CandlekeepR

Boon will be piloting Magda, Brazen Outlaw. Boon will be hoping that he can amass enough treasure to entice Dragons to fight for him.
Deck List:
Twitter: @Simon_lj83

For this mono Red Commander stream will you be supporting; the upstart blacksmith, a gobo, a commander who flees at everything, or some lizards with heartburn?


Every commander night we run a giveaway for a Adventures in Forgotten Realms draft booster. This is a free to entry raffle, with the draw happening at the end of the stream. For every 5 minutes you watch the stream you will earn 10 cogs and 25 cogs buys you a raffle ticket. Shipping is restricted to the UK only.

  • Purphoros God of the Forge-THS
  • Zada Hedron Grinder - BFZ
  • Norin the Wary - TSP
  • Magda Brazen Outlaw - KHM