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just_a_couple_of_gamers – Magic the Gathering Mono White Commander

Live from 19:30 GMT on Thursday 17th July its Commander brought to you just_a_couple_of_gamers. Watch over at

Join us as we continue to work our way through mono coloured commanders. Last week saw an even split between Artifact and Eldrazi themed decks. With the Artifact commanders winning both of the games. This week it is time for some peace and order on the stream as we run Mono White Commanders.

Lester will be piloting Heliod, Sun-Crowned. Let’s be honest it is a case of when not if we see the Walking on Sunshine combo.
Deck List:
Twitter: @OobleboyOG

Ross will be piloting Odric, Lunarch Marshal. It’s keyword tribal time, lets see just how devastating a 3/3 can be.
Deck List:
Twitter: @Mr0Flibble

Rob will be piloting Darien, King of Kjeldor. He’s going to turn damage into creatures.
Deck List:

Ian will be piloting God-Eternal Oketra. Is it time for White Weenies go wide? Or perhaps stax is his divine will?
Twitter: @CandlekeepR

It’s time for Humans to Fight Gods, to decide who will be the top White Commander.

Every commander night we run a giveaway for a strixhaven draft booster. This is a free to entry raffle, with the draw happening at the end of the stream. For every 5 minutes you watch the stream you will earn 10 cogs and 25 cogs buys you a raffle ticket. Shipping is restricted to the UK only.