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Card of the Week – Aetherplasm

The card of the week is Aetherplasm, a creature that will leave your opponents guessing if they should attack or not?

Who knows what the blocker will really be?

Aetherplasm is a creature for 2UU that when it blocks a creature you can return it to your hand and place another creature from your hand on to the battlefield blocking the attacking creature. This offers you a repeatable way to trade up your creatures, swapping a 1/1 for a 12/12 with trample, swapping a 4 MV creature for a 12 MV creature. Aetherplasm can also defend itself as it can return itself to your hand not put another creature into play and the attacking creature will still be considered to be blocked.

When you put a creature into play with Aetherplam if it has an Enter the Battle Field effect (ETB) the effect will trigger but any cast effects will not trigger. The only downside to Aetherplasm is that it has to block to activate its effect.

Aetherplasm is a flexible card that would work best in Blink or ETB decks such as Yarok, the Desecrated or Roon of the Hidden Realm. It would also work well in decks such as Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy as it offers a way to get the big creatures out of your hand.