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Card of the Week – Argivian Restoration

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The major difference between commander and traditional magic formats is the singleton card requirement. This means that if one of your key pieces gets destroyed you can’t draw into another one. You must either protect it whilst it is on the field, or find a way to bring it back. The card of the week is Argivian Restoration an artifact recursion spell.

Argivian Restoration - WTH
Why come up with a different plan?

Argivian Restoration is a sorcery for 2UU that returns an artifact from your graveyard to the battlefield. One of the major upsides of this card is that not only will the artifact enter the battlefield, it will also be untapped. For the 4 mana investment you can recur artifacts with much higher MVs for example Mycosynth Lattice, or Darksteel Forge. Or even just key combo pieces such as unwinding clock. Additionally the double blue casting cost of this card is not much of a restriction, as blue is common is artifact strategies particularly in commander. Many of the top artifact commanders are either mono blue or the izzet leauge (blue and red).

One of my favourite commanders is Muldrotha the Gravetide, a commander that is all about recursion. Repeatedly playing the same threats means that your opponent will be forced to deal with the threat multiple times. Commander is a game of resource management, and forcing your opponents to use their resources is beneficial to you. Recursion is something that should be looked at more closely for commander decks in general.

The only real downside of Argivian Restoration is that is that it requires an artifact to be in your graveyard. This means that it is not useful in the early game, but becomes useful later. Additionally it can only be used at sorcery speed, giving your opponents more time to deal with the threat.

Suggested Commanders

Argivian Restoration is at its best in artifact focused decks, where there are multiple artifacts worth recurring. For example; Urza, Lord High Artificer, Saheeli, the gifted, Memnarcg, Arcum Dagsson. Additionally it can be run in decks whose win con involves artifacts.