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Card of the Week – Cephalid Constable

Cephalid Constable - JUD - Banner

Cephalid Constable is a is a Wizard that was printed in Judgement back in 2002. It is a strange control piece as it rewards attacking and dealing combat damage. Making this Cephalid the Card of the Week.

Cephalid Constable - Judgement
You didn’t want your lands, did you?

The oracle text can be found here.

Cephalid Constable’s base stat line of a 1/1 for 3 mana, 2 of which is blue seems and is terrible. However, that is not why you are playing it. When it deals combat damage to a player you can a number of permanents that player controls to their hand equal to the amount of damage the Constable did. The important word is “permanents”, because you can just start bouncing their lands. If they are running a token deck you can bounce their tokens, or just keep key combo pieces off of the board.

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple, as a 1/1 with no evasion it will struggle to connect and when it will only bounce one permanent. But once again the way the card is worded allows for canny commander players to abuse it. Raising its power will allow you to bounce more permanents causing a further tempo loss to your opponent. Additionally you can grant it double strike which means it will bounce twice as many permanents a turn. While combining it with cards such as Rogues Passage, or slip through space will guarantee damage.

Suggested Commanders

In my opinion the best commander for Cephalid Constable is Medomai the Ageless. A control commander who also needs to deal damage to an opponent so a lot of synergy pieces can be reused. For example Archetype of Imagination and Duelist’s Heratige will work equally well for both. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and Sun Quan, Lord of Wu will make both of them unlockable. It also works really well in mill decks as combined with Mindcrank can cause serious problems for your opponent. It can also be used in combination with Mana Maze to slow your opponents to a crawl.