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Card of the Week – Compost

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Compost is a Green Enchantment as well as a card draw engine. This low Mana Value spell is capable of being a source of card draw throughout the game. Making this underplayed Enchantment the Card of the Week.

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It’s the circle of magic

Compost has received an errata and now reads. Whenever a black card is put into an opponent’s graveyard from anywhere, you may draw a card. The oracle text can be found here.

If there is one thing that all magic players across all formats can agree on it’s that drawing cards is a good thing, and Commander is no different. A card draw engine is a spell, or sequence of spells that allow you to draw cards over multiple turns. Compost is a card that scales great with commander as with multiple opponents you have a greater chance of it triggering. Its wording of “from anywhere” is also significant as you will profit from discard, mill and self mill strategies.

The low Mana Value of this spell means that you will be able to get it out early in the game. Or you can play it later on in the game and still have left over mana. Additionally your opponents cannot pay something to deny you the draw. Additionally it is a “may” trigger so you can choose not to draw, if it would be advantageous not to. Finally the biggest upside its its 2MV cost.

However Compost does have a downside, and that is its situational nature. If you are playing a game where none of your opponents are playing black this spell is useless. But, it is unlikely that there will be a game with no Black at the table.

Suggested Commanders

Compost can go in just about any deck that is running Green. This is because its restriction is based around your opponents decks as opposed to yours. It is at its best when lots of cards are hitting the graveyard, for example Simic mill, or death/boardwipe tribal. As it is an Enchantment it provides additional synergy to Enchantress decks.