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Card of the Week – First Day of Class

First Day of Class - STX - Banner

If you got the opportunity to go to a magical academy, just like me you would be very excited. Ready to hit the ground running and read as much as possible. First Day of Class is an Instant from Strixhaven that instils this enthusiasm into your creatures. This Card of the Week would be a fine addition to a Commander or Pauper deck.

First Day of Class - STX
Who wouldn’t be excited to learn magic!?

First Day of Class is an instant for 1R that grants haste and gives a +1/+1 counter to all creatures that enters the battlefield under your control, until the end of turn. One of the best things about this card is the way its worded. Because it doesn’t target a creature it has no limit on it’s scale. If you were using this in a Gruul stompy deck it might just affect one giant creature. But if you are going for a token build it will affect multiple creatures. Additionally the +1/+1 the creatures get is a counter not until the end of the turn. This could significantly change the combat step maths. Not only will you be swinging immediately but your creatures will be bigger.

When the learn mechanic was released I at least didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, being predominantly a commander player. In commander learn effectively becomes rummage. This is a useful ability, particularly if you are in colours that don’t have access to a lot of card draw. On First day of Class it is nothing but upside, especially as learn is a may ability.

The only real downside of First Day of Class is that it has no effect on the creatures you already have on the battlefield

Suggested Commanders

First Day of Class is best in an aggressive deck where you want to be swinging at your opponents. It would be great in Omnath, Locus of Rage, Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient or any Gruul commander. Alternatively it would fit perfectly into a Goblin build such as Krenko, Mob Boss or Grumgully, the Generous. It would also work really well in Kykar, Wind’s Fury where the learn could help keep the chain running.


Its the mid-game, Krenko, Mob Boss died to a recent board wipe. Last turn you re-summoned him and got 2 1/1 goblin tokens. You untap and draw First Day of Class. Immediately casting it you decide to rummage away a mountain and draw a Crazed Goblin. You cast it followed by Krenko’s comand. You tap Krenko and create 6 1/1 goblin tokens

Thanks to First Day of class you have 9 goblins that can attack. With the additional +1/+1 counters you have doubled their power to 18 and are immediately able to threaten someone’s life total. For 2 mana, you got 9 +1/+1 counters, gave haste to 9 creatures and rummaged. That is value.