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Card of the Week – Glare of Subdual

The card of the week is Glare of Subdual, a repeatable way to tap down your opponents creatures and artifacts.

A repeatable tap down effect

For 2 generic a Green and a White you get an enchantment that allows you to tap one of your own creatures and tap down an artifact or creature. This means that you can stop your opponent from attacking you by tapping down your creature that you would have had to chump block with and this provides creatures with static abilities additional functionality.

You can also use this card to determine at what speed your opponents play at because you can activate this ability at instant speed. During your opponents upkeep you can tap down their mana rocks or mana dorks , forcing them to use the mana in their upkeep or loose it.

Combined with a Seedborn Muse or a similar effect this will allow you to control the board, and as Glare of Subdual is tapping the creatures it can be used on creatures with summoning sickness.