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Card of the Week – Graceful Reprieve

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Graceful Reprieve is a White Instant that doesn’t feel like a White card. Whether it is your commander or another combo piece their are certain creatures you want to stay on the battlefield. This Instant is a great way to protect your Commander, and is the Card of the Week.

Graceful Reprieve - MM3 Printing
Death is just temporary

The oracle text can be found here.

Commanders are magnets for removal spells, and many decks run ways to protect them such as Swiftfoot Boots. Graceful Reprieve is an Instant that that returns a creature to the battlefield when it dies. This is an ability that is more commonly found on Black spells, making this all the more useful. White utilises creatures which means there is an high chance that you will have a target.

At 1W(hite) this spell can generate you large amounts of value. For example if you are running Roon of the Hidden Realm it can save a creature and trigger their ETB. It’s low MV means that it is easy to hold up mana to cast and it synergies with Sunforger. In addition unlike other protection it can save any Creature on your board as opposed to an equipment.

Conversely the only downside is that if you are running a Voltron deck it will not re-equip the Equipment. However, it will save it from having to go back to the Command Zone. Overall if there are creatures that you would like to save and you are running White you should consider Graceful Reprieve.

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Suggested Commanders

The best commander for Graceful Reprieve is Feather, the Redeemed as you can use it continuously. It is also suited to commanders that draw a lot of hate such as Atraxa, Preators’ Voice, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV or Omnath, Locus of Creation. Additionally it works well with Voltron and Aggro strategies, as it helps reduce the Commander Tax.

It also compliments Aristocrat themes as you can cast it on a creature, Sacrifice it, and then it will return to the battlefield. This means that it can be used in Teysa Karlov decks to get death triggers and keep the creature.