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Card of the Week – Myth Unbound

Myth Unbound - C18 - Banner

They say that no plan survives contact with the enemy. This is just as true in commander, and it is advisable to have some contingency in your deck. One of the most likely situations that is likely to befall you is the loss of your commander. The card of the week Myth Unbound, is a way to help mitigate the loss.

Myth Unbound
Commander tax is optional right?

Myth Unbound is an enchantment that costs 2G, it acts as a cost reducer effectively halving commander tax. Additionally it draws you a card whenever your commander is put into the command zone.

When you play with certain commanders you expect that they are going to be targeted for removal. Even if they start off with a low MV, after being removed several times that 2MV creature could be costing you 6. Halving the amount of commander tax that you have to pay will allow you to keep re-casting your commander for longer. As well as being able to cast additional spells on your turn.

This card was printed before the commander death rule change in 2020. This means that it had to be worded in an alternative way to a death trigger. The generic wording works to the card’s advantage as it captures exile or shuffle effects as well.

The main disadvantage is that unless your commander returns to the command zone this card does nothing. Additionally it will not trigger if you are using bounce or reanimation strategies.

Suggested Commanders

Myth Unbound is a highly flexible card as has very few requirements. It is at it’s best in aggro decks running green, particularly those attacking with the commander. For example it would be a great addition a a Fynn the Fangbearer deck, or a Radha, Heart of Keld deck. It would be a good addition to an enchantress build where it could also take advantage of additional synergies.