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Card of the Week – Niveous Wisps

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You will often hear players saying that they would like to make their deck more consistent. This is a common phrase that you will hear by magic players of any format. One of the best ways of doing this is by drawing cards. Unfortunately in Commander this is one of Whites weakest areas. Attempting to alleviate this is Niveous Wisps, the Card of the Week.

Niveous Wisps - SDM
Draw a card, with upside

Niveous Wisps is an Instant for a single white mana that draws you a card. Additionally it turns target creature into a white creature and taps it. Whilst turning the creature white is very situational, that doesn’t mean its not going to happen. Tapping the creature down is far more useful. This is because you can target an opponents creature with a tap effect and force them to activate it now. If you are scared of a creature on your opponents board you can play this before you go to combat and tap it down. The low mana value means that there is very little downside to running it, and you don’t need to hold up a lot of mana to use it.

However, Niveous Wisps is not a card draw engine it is just a cantrip. This means that it is not going to solve your problems on its own. Overall I think that it is a solid addition to any white deck, as it has a multitude of options without being a modal card.

Suggested Commanders

Niveous Wisps is a highly flexible card that can go in just about any deck running white. As it only needs a creature to be on the battlefield, you don’t even need to be running a creature based deck. The decks that it would be most effective in are Feather the Redeemed as then it becomes a repeatable cantrip. If you playgroup allows it Ink-Treader Nelphilim will turn this card into an overpowered ancestral recall.

The whole cycle

One of the best things about Niveous Wisps is that it is part of a cycle. Each of them costs a single coloured mana, has a colour appropriate effect and draws you a card. All of these cards are excellent and would be a fine addition to any deck.

  • Niveous-Wisps-SHM
  • Cerulean-Wisps-SHM
  • Aphotic-Wisps-SHM
  • Aphotic-Wisps-SHM
  • Viridescent-Wisps-SHM