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Card of the Week – Scout’s Warning

After having the Keeper of the Tomes play this against me multiple times to great effect, this week’s card of the week is Scout’s Warning.

A one mana cantrip with upside

Scout’s Warning is an Instant for one white mana that allows you to play a creature spell as though it has flash and draws you a card. Card draw is something that White struggles with in Commander and using cantrips can be a great way to make your deck more consistent.

Playing creatures at instant speed allows you a much greater degree of flexibility when choosing what to cast. You can cast a chump blocker to protect your life, your opponent might have attacked with a combo piece because you have no blockers, or cast your creature on the End Step before your turn giving your opponents less time to deal with them.

Because of the way that Scout’s Warning is worded you can draw the card before you cast the creature allowing you to dig for an answer.