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Card of the Week – Strixhaven Commander Decks

This week’s card of the week is bumper edition, with a card of the week for each of the pre-con commander decks from Strixhaven.

Lorehold Legacies – Osgir, the Reconstructor

Attack at your own peril

Stuffy Doll is one of the best blockers in the game as it is not only indestructible but a powerful political tool. In Osgir you can use Stuffy Doll to target the biggest threat at the table and let your other opponents to use Stuffy Doll to deal damage to them. Afterwards you can use Osgir’s abilities to create two copies of Stuffy Doll allowing you to simply outlast your opponents.

Prismari Performance – Zaffai, Thunder Conductor

Who doesn’t like playing spells for free?

Zaffai wants to cast instants and sorceries and the higher the MV the better, so why not cast them for free? When Wildfire Eternal attacks and isn’t blocked you can play an instant or sorcery from your hand for free. The Afflict cost is less effective in commander than it would be in standard or modern but you can combine with with an unblockable effect such as Aqueous Form to get some incredible value.

Quantum Quandrix – Adrix and Nev, Twincasters

Capable of creating an army itself

Adrix and Nev want to flood the board with tokens and go wide, Biowaste Blob is a creature that if left alone for a few turns can create an army of tokens all by itself at an increasing rate. It synergies greatly with Adrix as instead of getting 1 token you will get 2, and the more copies of Biowaste Blob you have on the field the power powerful they get.

Siverquill Statement – Breena, the Demagogue

Why let your opponents play on their terms?

Oracle en-Vec forces an opponent to declare what creatures they will be attacking with during your turn, this gives both you an your other opponents an opportunity to prepare and forces the targeted opponent to almost sign post their attacks. It also means that the targeted opponent cannot attack you out of nowhere with hasty creatures. Breena wants to play a political game and this card is sure to create an interesting dynamic.

Witherbloom Witchcraft – Willowdusk, Essence Seer

Turning removal into counters

As Liam highlighted in his article Lowering the Curve low MV spells allow you to generate a lot of value in the early game and play multiple spells a turn in the mid or late game. Vendetta offers you a lot of flexibility it can be used in the early game to stop an opponent going off quickly or later in the game and offers you late game synergy. The downside of Vendetta is that you loose life equal to the toughness of the creature however, with Willowdusk on the field you can play this in your turn and turn that life loss into +1/+1 counters.