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Card of the Week – Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

This weeks card of the week came from a request by a member of our discord who was looking for an answer to the Demon Fish combo.

Let’s set the scene. Your opponent casts and resolves Silence, follows this up with a Thassa’s Oracle and a Demonic Consultation.

Turning value into wins

Thassa’s Oracle and Demonic consultation is a very common win condition in cEDH and when combined with silence it is very difficult to interact with. After the Demonic consultation has resolved but before Thassa’s Enter the Battlefield (ETB) trigger you can activate Mikokoro’s ability forcing each player to draw a card, this will trigger a state based action killing the player who cast Demonic consultation before Thassa’s ETB can happen.

This solution gets around silence as it is an activated ability, this means it also cannot by countered by a normal counterspell and would require counter such as Stifle or Tale’s End.

The card Geier Reach Sanitarium is virtually the same but it makes all the players draw and discard a card (loot) instead.

If you have a request for what a future card of the week should focus on please leave it in the comments below or message me on Discord.