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Card of the Week – Reap and Sow

Reap and Sow -DST-Banner

Reap and Sow is a modal sorcery that gives you the option to grow or to destroy. One of the reasons Commander is such a popular format is the Social Contract. Due to the social contract Land destruction is not often seen in commander pods. However, there are different types of land destruction. Firstly there is mass land destruction, including the classic Armageddon. Secondly there is targeted land destruction such as Stone Rain. Because Land destruction is often seen as taboo, targeted Land destruction is underplayed. Despite the fact it should be a more regular feature in commander decks, making Reap and Sow the Card of the Week.

Reap and Sow - DST
Grow or Destroy… why not both?

The oracle text can be found here.

Why you should be running it?

Reap and Sow is a Sorcery for 3G(reen) that gives you a choice to tutor for a land onto the battlefield or to destroy target land. Lands are a very important part of a commander game, as anyone who has ever been mana screwed will tell you. But with the huge card selection available in EDH there are also some very powerful lands. For example Rouges Passage or a Maze of Ith can control the flow of a game. Then there are the lands like Gaea’s Cradle or the fixed Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun that can provide insane amounts of mana. These are the lands that are ripe for destruction.

Earlier I said “tutor” for land on to the battlefield and not ramp. This is because the MV of the card is too high to be considered ramp in my opinion. For further information on Ramp in commander please see this article. Reap and Sow can go find any land and put it onto the battlefield. Just as it is useful to get rid of powerful lands it can also be used to go get your Cavern of Souls or Mystifying Maze. This land also also enters the battlefield untapped allowing you to use it immediately.

If you have enough mana you can cast it for it’s entwine cost which is 4GG(reen) allowing you to cast both sides.

Suggested Commanders

Reap and Sow can go is just about any deck that is running Green. It is at it’s best when the deck runs a suite of utility lands that it can go and find. For example if you are running a Golgari Commander you can go get Urborg, Yavimaya, or Cabal Coffers. Additionally it is good in Landfall decks such as Golos, or any of the Onmaths. You can go get lands that can either fix your mana such as Crystal Quarry. Or you go get bounce and repeatedly get landfall triggers. If you are lucky enough to own a Gaea’s cradle it can put it untapped directly onto the battlefield