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PregameActions – A cEDH YouTube Channel

“Where Adventure Begins…”

The Candlekeep tagline seemed like nothing more than a clever idea at it’s conception, and yet over the past two years that the shop has now been open, I have come to realise that for many members of our community, that motto rings true.

One such member, Owen, began his adventure into Magic the Gathering at Candlekeep, Over the past 18 or so months he has gone from a draft newbie, to one of the people I turn to when I am looking for advice on my own Commander decks. His knowledge of the current competitive meta, coupled with an exceptional poker face make him both a formidable opponent at the table, and a great friend when he’s away from it, and that’s why it gives me great pleasure to present to you his latest adventure; PregameActions.

PregameActions is dedicated to powerful, competitive and proxy-friendly Commander, that shows off the insane interactions between good cards and great friends. I got to be a part of the first episode with my Ukkima/Cazur Food Chain deck, and you can check out the first chapter of this new adventure above. Don’t forget to click subscribe if you enjoy it!

And on that note, if we’re all good… Any pregame actions?