Friday Night Magic – Zendikar Rising Sealed 25th September

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No in-store play? No problem…
We’ll be runing a Zendikar Rising Sealed event at home on Friday, 25th September at 7pm. Here’s all the details you’ll need to take part!
Getting your Packs.
Packs will be available to purchase on the day from the Candlekeep shop. If you are unable to get to the shop to collect any, they can be shipped to you the day before. Please select first class postage for the best chance of having them arrive on time.Alternatively, if you already have 6 packs available to you, you can make use of these. Please select the appropriate option when making your purchase.

Playing in the event.
To take part in the pre-release, you will need a PC, laptop or other suitable set up that gives you access to a webcam and microphone, as well as a Spelltable or Whereby account. You will also need access to our Discord server ( Pairings will be announced on Discord, and possibly Twitch.
For more information on setting up to play at home, check out this link:
That’s all for now, sorry for the wall of text! Don’t forget to follow the Facebook page and keep up to date with any new information as it comes out, including more information on prize support for this event…

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