Ramsey Pokemon Hunt!

Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to Candlekeep on the 14th of August, and while we can’t celebrate indoors, there’s going to be lots to do outdoors!

Pokemon Hunt

All around Ramsey, businesses will be hiding Pokemon in their shop windows. To take part in the search, pick up an entry form from Candlekeep from 10am on Friday, 14th August. Follow the clues, catch them all, and return your completed form to Candlekeep by 430pm on Saturday, 15th August, to be entered into a prize draw.

One winner will receive one of each of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze Theme Decks, featuring Darmanitan and Sirfetch’d. Two other winners will each receive a cute and cuddly Pikachu Plushie! The draw will take place at 5pm on the Saturday, and the winners will be announced over on our Facebook page.


If you’re an Instagram user, don’t forget to take pictures as you scour the town in search of elusive Pokemon. Post your pictures to Instagram, tagging @candlekeep_ramsey and using the hashtag #PokemonRamsey. Our favourite pic will also receive a pair of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze decks!

Pokemon Go!

Throughout the day, we’ll be placing lures on many Pokestops around Ramsey, giving all you Pokemon Go! players an opportunity to catch Pokemon, make new friends (or a new nemesis) and form teams to raid with. There’s even a gym directly next door to the shop, which is sure to be hotly contested!

Real trainers understand the importance of maintaining social distancing at this time, so stay safe, and maintain a 2 meter distance from other trainers at all times.

Keep Cool

There’s more to be announced, so keep checking our Facebook page for all the latest details! We look forward to seeing you!