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Neon Flood – A Cyberpunk Red Adventure

Well…we have thumbed through the core rules, rolled characters and spent hours theory-crafting. So now its time to officially unveil our Cyberpunk Red One-Shot Livestream!

The name of the adventure is Neon Flood and it takes place in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. The area has been decimated by the lack of maintenance to the pumping stations. Large swathes of land have been reclaimed by the fen and people live in poverty, scavenging abandoned tech and living hand to mouth.

Local businesses and community groups have begged the government to reinvest in the pumping stations and bring them back to life. The government wants nothing to do with it, the corporations built those pumping stations, they still own the assets.

Neon Flood will tell the story of a group of mercenaries, hired by the local community to reactivate a local pumping station. Will the corps allow the community to reclaim these assets? Are the stories of demons lurking in the network core true?

There will be a livestream on Twitch on Saturday 13th February at 7:00PM GMT where we will be rolling some characters and chatting about the rules/setting. If you have any questions about Cyberpunk Red this will be the perfect opportunity to pop online and have a chat with us.

Don’t forget that you can purchase the core rules from Candlekeep and run your own Cyberpunk Red games.