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Card of the Week – Meltdown


Meltdown is a sorcery that was printed back in Urza’s Saga and is a perfect answer to troublesome artifacts. Although it hasn’t been printed in over 20 years, it would still be a fine addition to any commander deck. Recommended by fellow Librarian Liam the piece of interaction is the card of the week.

Meltdown - Urza's Saga Printing
Such destruction for so little mana

One of the recent trends in commander is not just the need for more interaction, but efficient interaction. Meltdown is an artifact destroying sorcery that scales with the game. For X and a Red mana, you can destroy each artifact whose Mana Value is X or less. This means that it is closer to a board wipe for artifacts than targeted removal. The potential upside for this card is huge, for a small mana investment you can hit a multitude of artifacts. Casting it where x is equal to 2 would hit multiple mana rocks including sol ring, talismans or signets. Significantly it can be used to slow down decks with access to fast mana.

If you are playing at higher power-levels you can cast it where x is equal to zero and hit, Mana Crypt, treasure tokens, Lion’s Eye Diamond or a mox. Additionally casting it just for the red mana and increase the storm count with additional upside.

On the other hand, Meltdown also hits your own artifacts. Therefore you will have to consider what value you play x as when you cast it. It’s largest downside is that is a sorcery and not an instant. Overall Meltdown is a highly flexible card that would fit in most commander decks running Red. An excellent piece of interaction that can be cast at a low MV, and you can read more about why that is important here.

Suggested Commanders

Meltdown is at it’s best in a deck that is looking to cast as many spells as possible. For example it could be mana neutral in Birgi, God of Storytelling, or provide a Prowess trigger in Elsha of the Infinite. Furthermore it work well in Gruul aggro decks as they are unlikely to be dependant on mana rocks for ramp. Finally it can be combined with Darkseel Forge and Mycosynth Lattice to decimate your opponents.