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Five Weeks, Five Events – Week 3

Week four of the Magic the Gathering Love Your LGS events takes place at Candlekeep tomorrow in the form of a Draft, with a twist, and as usual, there’s a sweet timeshifted foil to add to your collection for everyone who participates!

Instead of getting three packs from one specific set, you can pick 3 packs from ANY of the Standard legal (or previously Standard legal) draft packs on the shelves. Perhaps you’ll open a pack of Midnight Hunt, and your neighbour will pass you Strixhaven? Or step back to Zendikar Rising.

Each player must select 3 different packs, just to ensure maximum levels of chaos, and challenge your ability to spot hidden synergies. Start time is at 730pm and will consist of a (minimum) 3 round tournament. Spaces are limited, so get in touch to book a seat today!